The Fockele Garden Company - Landscape Design, Installation, Maintenance and Management for Residential and Commercial Properties

Serving North Georgia, Greater Atlanta and the Southeast - Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida

The Fockele Garden Company designs, installs, and manages fine gardens and large commercial and institutional landscapes, and has developed a strong emphasis on sustainable landscaping practices. During our twenty-year history we have steadily built the capability to provide a wide range of services, including construction of unique and imaginative ponds, streams, and fountains; fences, decks, pergolas, and gazebos; and masonry components such as steps, walkways, walls, and terraces.


We also design and install rainwater harvesting systems, and we have developed complementary expertise in managing water use in the landscape, employing techniques such as smart irrigation, drought-tolerant plants, bioswales, open drainage, and other on-site stormwater methods elaborated by the Low Impact Development Program, LEED, and the Sustainable Sites Initiative.


We have also developed the knowledge and experience required to design, install, and maintain plantings that are unusual, exciting, and beautiful, but also manageable and practical. We plant woodland gardens, water gardens, rock gardens, native plant gardens, perennial gardens, and drought tolerant gardens, carefully selecting the right plant combinations for the setting, conditions, and intended result.


We are known for the ability to deliver consistently high quality results in all these widely diverse disciplines. And we deliver all these functions and products with in-house staff, which maximizes our control over the details of each project and insures seamless coordination of all the many different skills and activities that must be brought to bear to complete a sophisticated garden installation successfully.


Beyond design and installation, we also provide the capability to bring our garden installations to maturity by providing landscape management services that are guided by the vision upon which the designs were based. Our business philosophy is founded on recognition of the fact that no landscape is finished upon the completion of the installation phase, and that without properly focused and informed landscape management practices, it is impossible to develop the result promised by the design.


Among our staff we have over 200 years of experience in the landscape industry. This deeply rooted knowledge of the industry allows us to deliver increasingly complicated, demanding, and creative results in a wide range of landscape disciplines.